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Month: May 2016

Shakedown almost complete.

Shakedown almost complete.

Well it has been a pretty good week. We started off this trip with the goal of “living” in the RV. But, alas it was kinda like a vacation. One because we had a really good time, and two because we spent some money, alot of money. Nothing crazy, but we did have fun and eat well. The two trips to camping world didn’t help..

We started the week off in Cloverdale, IN shooting and event for the Central Indiana Porsche Club. It was a fantastic weekend filled with great people, beautiful cars, and of course a chance to take some really cool photos. On Sunday night we returned to a campground in Cloverdale, its not that great but they have water, sewer, and 30amp.the next morning we were to start our adventure. We went to downtown Indy and visited the children’s museum, it was pretty beat, but after a 4 hours I was ready to go. Next we set our sights on making our way to Bowling Green, KY.


We check the website and found an awesome farm that we could stay at. The place was amazing and had a great restaurant, we splurged and ate dinner out. Check out the view from our front door.



I woke up with the sun and stepped outside and was amazed by just how amazing the surroundings were. I flew the drone and got some really cool footage, I’ll post it up later.


We then started off towards Owensboro, KY in search of Trunnel’s Family Farm. We had planned to stay their but the weather had other plans. We knew storms were coming in and that if we headed South we could avoid them, so South we went.


We arrived at the National Corvette Museum motorsports Park on Tuesday around 5pm. We hung and had some dinner, it was nice. The next day we did laundry and caught up on household duties.


We covered a Corvette event, on Thursday and Friday  which was a great time.

We are now shooting motorcycles and man is it a great group.


Well I am getting tired of typing.. I will finish this up tomorrow.


Zachary Rackovan

ABI Photo