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Month: June 2016

First weekend as fulltimers…..

First weekend as fulltimers…..



Well the sun has set on our first weekend as full timers.  It was a really busy weekend. I know that I have not taken the time to write in this blog and I hope that you all are still out there. The last few weeks have been pretty crazy.  We had to get everything we owned into either a dumpster, the RV, or the hand of a person who would buy it or at the least accept it as a gift.  I had no idea that we had so much stuff, I mean mountains of crap. Things that I cannot believe that we purchased, let alone moved from house to house all of these years. But after the 30 yard dumpster was filled and the craigslist ads were placed the stuff was gone. With the help of very nice family and friends we were able to get it all done. And in true Rackovan fashion, we left our home at 630pm the night before we had to be in Cloverdale, IN just 4 hours away… It made for a long night. This weekend was weird tho, you see we do this every weekend. Every weekend we load up the RV and head east to one racetrack or another to shoot pretty cars going fast, and sometimes motorcycles 🙂 So this weekend felt like any other, except I knew there was no drive home on Sunday. I was overjoyed all weekend because I knew that I didn’t have to make that long haul west. But at 5pm on Sunday the track had gone quite and the Porsches were packed, it occurred to me. I had no home to go to, that was like getting hit by a truck. I sat in the drivers chair and just pondered where to go… We had no plan, no reservation, and no direction. We decided to go to Best Buy in Avon, IN since there was something that I needed, and then grab dinner. Since we were tired we decided to have Texas Roadhouse, it was terrible. Then back to the camper we went, to figure out where to go. I check the phone and the camping options seemed bleak, so did the Wal-Mart options. So I headed West, no to St. Louis but back to Cloverdale, to a place that we are comfortable with, the Cloverdale RV park. The only reason that I didn’t want to stay here from the get go is that it is expensive, at least to me for what we get. Full hooks ups for $30.00 cash. They give you the huge discount of $0 for staying a full week, in fact the only way to get a deal is to stay for the entire month!

So we are here and getting ready to go to bed. We have an early morning followed by sorting the RV and the photos from this weekend. But so far so good.


Zachary Rackovan