Debating on the format here…..

Debating on the format here…..

I am currently doing some research on which is the best platform to host this blog. I like the idea of being able to receive comments from my readers but at the same time I am growing tired of the SPAM! If anyone has advice I would welcome it. I want this to be a productive way to communicate our experiences with family, friends, and those who just have an interest in this adventure. I also would like this to serve as a keepsake for me and my family from our adventure. I know that we will not be on the road forever and I want to be able to return to this blog to relive the amazing times that I am sure we are going to have. Like I said above any advice is greatly appreciated.

Also, we are now using Instagram under the user name @8feet12paws so check that out!


Another note I taught Ashley how to log into this and make posts, can you believe that this has been online for over a month and she just now started to read it…. Told you no one was reading it, lol.



Author: Zachary Rackovan

I am a 33 year old father of two amazing daughters! I am lucky to be married to the most amazing wife in the world. I am a retired Detective and currently pursuing my dream of living on the road with my family, while working as a professional photographer. My work can be found at

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