Did some test fitting for the solar panels today.

Did some test fitting for the solar panels today.

It was 30 degrees here today and I thought what better way to spend my morning than to climb on top of the snow covered RV roof and measure solar panels. The ladder was so cold my hands ached by the time I reached the top. I was able to determine roughly how much space I would have to place the panels. It looks like I can get 5 190watt Topoint panels up there.

OH! other big news! I was able to get the last scrap of carpet up from under the slide where the dinette is located. Man what a bear that was to get too, we had to make a tool from a piece of aluminum to bang the staples out.  It a huge pain! But at last the floor is bare, well except that it is covered in dirt, dust, and carpet fibers :). The next project is getting up the kitchen flooring that appeared to be glued down vinyl planks. After that, we hope to start painting! The weather is not helping, we can’t paint with the temperatures being so low, and since the motor home is in storage it is not feasible to run the heater the whole time. So paint is on the back burner until the temps warm up a touch.

It does appear that at least one person is ready this, thanks for the comment and letting me know that I was not in a room just talking to myself.


Till later,

Zachary (the largest pair of feet)

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