Getting ready for a shake down!

Getting ready for a shake down!

The title may not spell out what this post is about…

This Friday we are packing up for our first “shake down” not in the sense that we are going to be robbed at gun point, well maybe, depends on what all goes wrong with the RV.

On Friday afternoon we will head from St. Louis to Cloverdale, IN to cover an event for the Central Indiana Regional Porsche Club, at Putnam Park Road Course. We were originally going to head back home on Sunday after the event, only to travel to Bowling Green, KY on Wednesday. As I was making the 220 plus mile drive home last night from an amaing Midwest Cafe Racing event, the same drive I have done on dozens upon dozens of other Sunday nights on our pilgrimage back “home” to St. Louis, I was overcome with excitement! I looked over to my co-pilot/navigator who was currently playing on her phone (typical). I said “Hey, you know what? We won’t have to do this anymore!” No more will we have to rush “home” after a long weekend in the sun and heat shooting races. No more will I have to stop at the rest stop just past Effingham, IL to sleep for an hour, just to push the final amount home. I know what you are thinking, 220 miles?,  you could probably do it with no issue. But I work outside in the  elements all day on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday night Ashley sorts 4000+ photos into nice little groups so that we can present them to the drivers/riders on Sunday and sing for our supper. Sometimes I have the energy to stay up and “help” which consist of me talking to her to keep her awake. But others I am so wiped that I am showered and asleep by 8. So Sunday rolls around and we are excited, tired, but excited to show the work we both just made. However, by Sunday afternoon the day gets long. Then I am reminded by the sight of someone else packing up to leave, that soon I will have to make that 220 mile drive back “home” once again. Only to return to another 5 days of working at the police department, and to do this all over again next weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I love what we do and would not have it any other way. Well except for shooting in the rain…shooting in the rain can go pound sand.


Back the exciting part! We are going to stay in Cloverdale, after the Porsche event on Sunday! Then we will meander and I mean meander the four hours south to the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park. We have a huge weekend there with the NCM Corvette Bash for two days followed directly by Midwest Trackday having a two day motorcycle event. Its going to be a long week and a half but, I will be working for myself and only myself. There will be no more trips back home to return to another 5 day work week. We will be returning back “home” after the Midwest Trackday event but I will be done with the PD. I will be in full “get our S#@$ together mode”. I have a huge list of things to get done that will take not only my time, but $$$ as well. So it is time to buckle down and get. it. done.


So back to the “shake down” we are going to use this long trip to kinda see what it is like to “live” in the RV. Right now we take trips in it, we don’t live in it. So this will be our first time having to take more than 3 days of food with us. It will be the first time that the kids will have to realize that this is not a road trip, but life. Meaning we don’t eat out when we are on the road, we cook dinner. We don’t need snacks for the “trip”, we don’t have to rush, we don’t have a time clock. I know that this all sounds mundane, but making the transition from road trip to living seems harder than it looks. One of the biggest things for me is to learn to keep the RV clean and organized. Now I am just as guilty as the rest of them, well not Addison, she is a hot mess.  But there is this idea in the family that we will keep it “up” but that we will do the full cleaning on Monday after we get home, and of course by we, I mean Ashley. So it is important to me that we organize the coach so that we can walk around and not feel cramped inside. We carry quite a bit of equipment with us to do our jobs but we need to figure out a way to minimize the impact that it has on our RV living space. So gone are the days of just piling all of our crap on the bed in the back room! Wow this was supposed to be just a quick post, turned out I had a little more to say.


I can’t tell you how good I feel about this change, still completely terrified, but good. Really good. I am excited to start this chapter of our lives.

Well that is all for now, back to making the list of things we need to do and banks to rob in order to afford it… Just kidding, well maybe. 🙂


Zachary R.



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