Here in Sunny/Rainy Southern Cali

Here in Sunny/Rainy Southern Cali

Well I figured it was time for a little update. I do not have any photos to share as we are hold up right now waiting for Christmas. My brother and sister-in-law were nice enough to allow us to do a little moochdocking in their driveway. We arrived last Wednesday after Valley of Fire State Park in NV near Las Vegas. I would like to tell you that we explored all over the park and show you some amazing photos, but sadly that did not happen. Ashley and I needed a break, so we were super lazy and spent the day in the camper with the kids doing school and watching Netflix, 🙁 . In the end we needed the break and we awoke charged up and excited for the 4 hour drive southwest to San Jacinto, CA where my brother’s family lives.

It was great to see them as we have not been able to see my brother in several years. He is a nurse and has almost the same terrible schedule that I used to at the police department. But that is the point of making this life change to see family and reconnect with friends. So we made it a point to spend time with him and my two nieces. The kids are having a blast playing together and enjoying their long lost cousins. They Skype on a regular basis but that cannot replace face to face interaction!

The accommodations are pretty swanky! Josh has an amazing home with a hot tub and pool which the kids have made endless use of almost every day!

Ashley and I managed to complete Santa’s shopping list for the girls, so that is a relief. I wish we could have done more for them but it is what it is, despite our best intentions this trip has been expensive and will have to serve as part of their Christmas. We managed to get them some nice and unique gifts. One I am really excited about is a “real” chess set for Zoey. I was able to find tournament weighted pieces for a board that my brother gave me. It is going to be an amazing Christmas! But not because of the chess set :). You see Ashley and I have been married for Going on 13 years, I know amazing right, we have beat the original odds! But in all seriousness we have shared an amazing life so far but it has not been without sacrifice and strife. One of the greatest sacrifices was made by Ashley, her family. You see 12 years ago we made the choice to move back to where I grew up, St. Louis, MO. We envisioned it being a better place to raise our children then southern CA. Where we right, who knows? But that cost Ashley the chance to spend time with her family as much as she would have liked. We have had a few visits for weddings and sadly the funerals of both of her parents. But we have never come back to celebrate Christmas, mostly because of two things money, and my job. But this year we are free from both of those shackles. We are free to celebrate Christmas with her family, loving people that she has not seen for a long time and that makes me happy. Every time this lifestyle opens a new opportunity I am reaffirmed about the choices that we have made. It has been a pretty amazing trip so far, with a ton of fun yet to go!  So here is to X-mas Cali style, warm and sunny. By the way even tho I have lived in Cal before I have never gotten used to a warm Christmas, I kinda miss the cold and the snow on just that day, but not really.

Another development, I got a job! I will be assisting a friend with installing solar panels while we are hanging out in AZ, just for a little extra spending money. I was hoping to use the landscape photographs to avoid this but that has not worked out the way I had planned. But I will continue to shoot when I can and post those images to for sale.


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  1. Zack , just read your recent update ! So happy that you got to spend time you Joshua and family , and Ashley get to spend time with her family for Christmas tell the girls Merry Christmas lLove to all ! text some Christmas pictures , if you can !miss you all ! Hugs ! 🎄🎄🎄🎄G, D.

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