Settling in and getting used to living on the road.

Settling in and getting used to living on the road.

We have officially been on the road since June 3, 2016, but we have not really had to live fulltime on the road until the past few weeks. We have had a few three week stretches that allowed us to stay with family. So since July 22 we have been out and about. I know it is not long but it is the start of us being gone for a while, a long while. More than likely we will be out for at least two months. Sure we could go back but we need to do this on our own. I don’t think that it has set in for the kids yet that we are not on a long vacation. Our youngest still refers to going “home” back where we used to live. It’s hard for them to really comprehend that we are full time with no end in sight. It is an adjustment but they will adapt in time.

So here are some of the highlights from the past month or so. We bought a new smoker! I know this sounds like no big deal, but if you knew me in my former S&B (sticks and bricks is code for a normal house) life you would know that I am an avid BBQer and not having a smoker was killing me. When we moved from the house I gave away 3, yes 3 smokers. Well I have wanted a Big Green Egg for a long time and they finally came out with the perfect RV friendly model, the Mini Max. It is short and round much like me, but fits well in the rear compartment. I have made some really great meals on her while we have been out. I made the most amazing brisket that I have ever had, yes Jeff even better than yours!  I have also done two pork butts, chicken wings, tenderloin, and steaks. It has been a great addition to the RV, even tho that little bugger is heavy weighing in at 90 lbs.

I forgot to mention in our last post that we were able to spend a week at the Lake of the Ozark with my step dad, it was AWESOME. The girls caught their first fish, using french fries as bait I might add. It was really nice to reconnect with him and let the girls get to know him better. I really missed spending time with him and I wish we could have stay even longer.

Last week we went to Holiday World with the girls and had a great time at the water park. Ashley loves roller coaster and it was amazing to see her getting excited to ride them all, and as a bonus the park seemed almost empty, no lines!

We then covered an event at NCM Motorsports Park which like always was a blast. And as I type this we are camping in north Nashville at a KOA. We are heading to see my uncle tomorrow evening and spend time with him and his family over the weekend. The best part is that is the exact reason that we did this, to reconnect with family, both our own and our extended. I am making a commitment to myself to keep after this blog and do my best to post more often. Thank you to those that read this and offer comments of support, it helps.


So long for now, back to my Egg it has a 9 pound pork butt smoking away and I need to adjust the temp. 🙂



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