Slow week, but a big goal was tackled.

Slow week, but a big goal was tackled.

Well it was a slow week for working on the RV, we really didn’t get much completed. I did get the lights from and they are really nice. The only issue is that one of the fixtures has plenty of room to get the wiring inside but three of the others are really tight, I may have to purchase new fixtures….grrr.


On another note I finally had one of the most difficult discussions about this change in our lives. I had to break it to my grandparents. We are exceptionally close to them, as are our girls. It was hard telling them that we would no longer live just up the highway from them. I worry that I will not get to spend time with them like we used too. I still have a lot to learn from my grandfather and it saddens me that I will be away from them. But they are pretty tech savvy and said that we can skype with the girls to keep them in the loop. It was weird I felt like my grandmother acted like we were living this week not in five months. I hope we didn’t disappoint them, but I know that they will be proud of us no matter what we do. I am sure they will get used to the idea. They know why we are making this change and they support it, but I think the concept of leaving a “good” job and becoming a nomad is a little foreign to them. But I think deep down inside my grandfather know that it is what we need as a family, what I need as a man. Well so long for know, we will have more stuff done next week, I promise. BTW Ashley still has yet to sell anything on Craigslist, hint hint…. Maybe she will read this and get motivated!



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