Sorry for the delay, we are almost done with the season!

Sorry for the delay, we are almost done with the season!

We are sitting here parking lot docking in a church parking lot near Putnam Park Road Course. We are getting ready for the final event of the season, 10/10ths Motorsports. What a great way to cap off this season, with one of our favorite car clubs. It has been a really amazing season, we have done so much. Being full time on the road has allowed us to meet so many people and really get to know people that we already knew. We normally did not get to spend time with people at the tracks because come sunday we had to high tail it home to continue on with our normal “non-photography” life. Being able to stay in the area allowed up to spend time with friends and explore new areas. ┬áIt is sad to see the season end, but exciting too! Because now we head west, to adventures unknown. Well I have to run, Zoey is waiting to play chess. She has really taken to the game, I fear she will soon be able to beat me… I will pick this up in a bit.



Author: Zachary Rackovan

I am a 33 year old father of two amazing daughters! I am lucky to be married to the most amazing wife in the world. I am a retired Detective and currently pursuing my dream of living on the road with my family, while working as a professional photographer. My work can be found at

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