Wow it has been a while!

Wow it has been a while!

Sorry for the delay in the making posts it has been a crazy month. We have completed many items on the checklist! The Magnum Power system has been completed thanks to a very good friend who helped me complete the install. We now have a 3000w Pure Sine Wave Hybrid inverter that supplies 110ac to all of our Rv with the power directly from the batteries. It also has a much more efficient charging system that will allow us to extend the life of our on board batteries.

The next big project was completing the floors in the coach. We ripped all of the carpet out of the coach (it was super gross). We then replaced it with SmartCore flooring from Lowe’s. It is a vinyl floor with a rigid core so it goes in like laminate flooring, but it has the waterproof nature of vinyl. Ashley and I are extremely happy with the way it turned out! A huge thanks to my Dad for helping with the install, he is one of our biggest supporters! I will also be making an effort to post more and put up more images.

We also have an instagram page that you can follow us on for more images! Click here for @8feet12paws.

Until next time, thank you for all of the support. I can tell you that when you make a huge change like this you really see who your friends are and learn to cherish the support that they show.


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