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Last Friday, the bodies of the two junior high school students, Colleen Drummond, of Fishkill and Holly Anne Kayson, of nearby Glenham, both 13 years old, were found in a creek behind a small mall.

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They had last been seen Thursday afternoon riding their bicycles to a drugstore in the mall to buy school supplies, according to the sheriff's office. Over Fishkill meet mature women store weekend, the police used interviews with witnesses Fishkill meet mature women store develop a composite sketch of a young man who may have seen the two girls before their deaths.

Showed Sketch in Deli. Tuesday night, an off-duty village police officer showed the sketch to several people in a delicatessen in the mall and was told that a man resembling the composite had just left the deli, according to the Dutchess County District Attorney, William V. The police questioned the man, Gabriel Fodelmesi of Fishkill, Tuesday night and into this morning.


He was arrested and charged with two counts of second-degree murder, according to Sheriff Frederick W. Sullivan, who entered a plea of not guilty for the defendant, who was not yet represented by a lawyer.

At about noon, two deputy sheriffs escorted Mr. Fodelmesi, dressed in a green jail jump suit, past the sheriff's office.

The young man, his eyes bloodshot, appeared to have been crying. News Spread Rapidly. Word of Mr.

Fodelmesi's arrest swept through the community. Hodgins, who wears a second hat as the Village Police Chief.

Hodgins, a year veteran of the Mount Vernon Police Department, said later. I don't think there's anyone in town that isn't aware of the details of this. Over the weekend, the chief said, far fewer Fishkill meet mature women store could be found hanging around Main Street, a curving, tree-shaded road lined with small shops, the village and town halls and the First Reformed Dutch Church of Fishkill. On a bench down Main Street, Joan Conklin waited with her 4-year-old son, Jerimy, for the bus to a day-care center.


Conklin, who has three other children, aged 10, 11 and 14, said she was thankful that an arrest had been made. Insular Atmosphere Eroding.

Conklin, who lives in an apartment in the white-frame Fishkill Inn, the same building where Miss Drummond's parents live. View all New York Times newsletters. Many people associated Fishkill meet mature women store week's violence more with urban life than with the society they know in Fishkill.

At the same time, many suggested that the insularity of the village, cherished for so long, was gradually eroding. Biasotti, the principal of Wappingers Falls Junior High School, where the two slain girls were in their third week of eighth grade.

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I've lived here for 44 years. The pace of life has changed tremendously.

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The needs of the community have changed. It's not rural life, it's not rural life at all. A great percentage of villagers, as well as residents of the surrounding town of Fishkill, work for the nearby I.

Fishkill meet mature women store I Am Search Man

Violent crime and murder are not completely unknown to the area. District Attorney Grady said four young people ''between 8 and 15'' had been killed in the last four years.

An year- old boy was killed 13 months ago in neighboring East Fishkill. Like many in the area, the Fodelmesi family is not native to Fishkill.

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Fishkill meet mature women store

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