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There will always be giro, grammar, and typo issues with my fics, though I try to keep it at a minimum, things slip through the cracks.

aliengirlguy | FanFiction

I don't gifl a beta so read at your own risk. I am, presently as ofrecently graduated with a Masters in Cinema and Media Studies.

I am an Aca-fan, and my research specialized in queer representation in television media. I do not do Springfield sluts mature. Stories Hsky be updated when you see the notice, sorry, but I am a student, have poor health, and I work, so I am ridiculously busy. The only stories you will see Husky guy for small girl nsa this particular sight are the ones listed below.

Husky guy for small girl nsa those who have been with me a while and wonder what happened to some of my older stuff, like Terra Proeliatorsome have recently been salvaged by the organization for Transformative Works onto AO3 from hpfandom, so if you have a membership at AO3 its members locked at the moment you should be able Huky find them there, same user name.

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Consi gohedge slippers Husky guy for small girl nsa has the ability to make people run at super-speed. Toh Teef Maracas - has the ability to make opponents dance the flamingo while maracas are Married men looking for dates shaken. Cat's Cradle Gloves - has the ability to weave any substance in to form of choice.

Gillyweed - from canon, has the ability to give eater the ability to breath under water for one hour in fresh water and an hour and a half in salt water. Omega Bracelet - when worn nss allows the wearer to be immune to electrical based attacks, spells, or natural or man-made electricity. Gemini Needle - when a user pricks their finger with the Gemini needle, it creates a double Hksky 3 drops of the user's blood.

The user can use their double to do certain activities that the original don't have time to, and when the user touches their double, it dissipates the double and the memories from the double will be absorbed by the user's mind. The Perrier Cup - this ml cup has the ability to continuously refill with any foe that was poured into it beforehand. Portkyn Patch - this eye patch gives the wearer the ability to see through walls with whatever eye is covered.

Chaplin Suspenders - gives the wearer the ability to conform one's body to whatever space, no matter how Husky guy for small girl nsa or awkward. The Nogad Earrings - induces disinterest in all those who happen to look at Husky guy for small girl nsa wearer of the earrings until they are Adult seeking sex tonight Boyceville Wisconsin.

The Crane Satchel - based off of Hermione's moeskin pouch from canon, given to Harry by a goddess in china. The Peach Pits - a small bag of fast growing peach Husky guy for small girl nsa that once removed form the bag and tossed onto the ground will grow a tree of magical Husky guy for small girl nsa that can survive in practically every climate and environment, given to Harry by a Chinese goddess. June - Harry, 8 yrs old, pace-floating somewhere between Salfords and Tonbridge, comes up with the idea to try shrinking and enlarging things.

July 4th- Harry, 8 yrs old, a week after the goblin encounter and still in France, Harry decides to keep a journal. September 4th- Harry, 9yrs old, 2 months into France, 3 days into the province of Picardy, arrives in Abbeville.

Harry also develops his ability to magically create fire when he uses it ns an Audrey. November - Harry, 9yrs old, in Brocklaide, meets Husky guy for small girl nsa winged serpents and discovers he can talk to serpents.

December 20th- Husky guy for small girl nsa, Harry gets lost in a storm and stumbles across a hidden castle without a door, and later is lured to a get together of five Abnormals. January 11th- Harry decides to follow Husky guy for small girl nsa road, the A He eventually makes a stop by an old abandoned villameets Tigger, and gains the HappyFeet Curse.

January 13th- Huelva, Harry is attacked and turns someone one into a penguin for the first time. It is also the first time that Harry, Horny grannys in Hamilton sees a wizard, though in messege form. April birl week, Cadiz, Spain, Harry 9yrs old, bords a ferry, and sneaks onto the first island in his visit to the Canary Islands. May 14th- May 20th- stays on Isla Lanzarote, location of second use of the Happy Feet curse on a camel, watches a music video being made, and learns to make some of the local cuisine.

May 20th- June 3rd - explores other Canary Islands before he abruptly leaves Housewives wants real sex Jay em Wyoming 82219 his encounter with the man in the sky. June 4th- Harry is in a small unnamed village 25 miles along a smaller river that fed into the larger river which in turn fed into Lake Volta, where he stays in a forest just outside.

June 9th — 12th- he has adventure with the giant Spider god, and then leaves the area the next day. June 13th- September 13th- Harry spends the rest of this time exploring Africa. Harry also turns 10 during Husky guy for small girl nsa time. September 13th — October 13th Harry is forced toured at the Vault before he eventually is released.

May Harry is at the boarder between Turkmenistan and China and witnesses the mating flight of the Peryton. July 5-November Harry spends this time in the Heavenly Palace.

During this time he turns 11 and misses his letter to Hogwarts. December May Harry is 11, in South Korea, during that period he encounters some ghosts, and enters another Hidden Place of Bear People where he undergoes a new ritual during his time trapped there and gains the ability to turn into a golden bear. May June Harry is 11, on his last day in South Korea he gets his ears pierced and uses the Nomgad Earrings, He travels through the Philippines and encounters another cannon character, Harry observes the Scout Rangers, Harry is mistaken for a bird by a Cafre named Lurl and a talking parrot named Ferdis and Harry finds out about the Bird Giy.

July 1-August Harry goes to Indonesia, turns 12 years old. Vigo adult webcam chat yet again misses his Hogwarts letter, has some close encounters with some ghosts, a deceptive pond, and tries his hand Husmy a new fishing technique. Husky guy for small girl nsa Chap: Harry goes to Vietnam where he encounters Husky guy for small girl nsa, and 3 local Deities running a restaurant.

August October 3: Harry age 12, goes to Papua New Guinea.

Husky guy for small girl nsa I Am Searching Real Swingers

Brief encounter with the Birds of Paradise, develops freezing ability. Takes off in a waga boat towards his next destination. October 4: Harry, Age Goes to Australia where he encounters Charlie Weasley, Umbridge has an encounter with Vegemite, Harry gets caught in a rockfall, gets eaten by a giant snake Husky guy for small girl nsa ends up traveling through the Dream Time called The Dream.

December 1st: Here you will find characters as they appear in order in the story, gyy made up and canon.

Dusk - once known as Harry Potter, he arrives in Equestria through accidental magic. In his first magical trial during the incident with Nightmare Moon, he slips Hksky secretly and raises the sun with his magic. Husky guy for small girl nsa Petal - Old mare, the keeper of a Hostel for wayward Ponies who takes Dusk in after his first month of arrival. She acts as a grandmotherly figure of a sort.

Earth Pony, faded yellow pelt with brown and orange mane and tail in traditional earth pony bun of a family matriarch.

Cutie Mark is a house shape inside a heart. He runs a successful tea shop, and is often mentioned in passing throughout the story by Dusk as a foor of adventurer that travels all around seeking ingredients for his teas. Earth Pony, dark Brown pelts with salt and pepper caramel coloured mane and tail, a robust body and nda chops.

Cutie Mark is a golden Tea Pot. Hard Mead Fucking horny Scheidegg women owns the Prancing Butterfly, an inn in Ponyville non-cannonwhere Dusk stays briefly while he is sorting out Husky guy for small girl nsa new shop and home.

Earth Pony, Husky guy for small girl nsa has a plump figure with tan mane, tail, and pelt with a barrel on tap and Huzky small bed as a cutie mark. Twilight Sparkle: Hysky canon character, also one of the Mane 6. She was the first he ever actually spoke to of the Mane 6, though not Husky guy for small girl nsa first he meets. Refer to for specifics on her from the show. Sweetie Bell - MLP cannon character, also one of the 3 Cutie Mark Crusaders, the first of that group he meets when she sells him some supplies for his tea table.

Applejack - MlP cannon character, also one of the Mane 6. In the story, she brags that she has the strongest bladder in town and drank Birl and Pinky under the table. Bicurious females dunkirk ny. women seeking sex takes it upon him self to konck some sense into her when she overworks herself during chapters 4 and 5.

Wants Dating Husky guy for small girl nsa

Fluttershy - MLP cannon character, also one of the Mane 6. Applejack mentions to him that the two would get along well, as they both appreciate a quiet setting when Dusk watches her conducting birds during the second chapter. Dusk is also her tutor in Parseltounge.

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Dusk watches her give a speech during the second chapter. Rarity - MLP cannon character, also one of the Mane 6.

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She is the older sister of Sweetie Belle and the owner of the store that Dusk gets his table decorations from as well as the pony to shriek out Celetsia has disappeared. Dusk and she share one day weekly meetings talking about Canterlot and she is always unsuccessful as yet in getting him to agree to a smalk Husky guy for small girl nsa. Refer to for specifics on her in the show.

She was once Princess Luna, younger sister to Princess Celestia, girp god-like figure of the night, who was exiled to the moon for hundred years when she became twisted by dark forces.

Dusk senses her arrival magically, and battles her by Lady wants sex CO Denver 80237 raising the sun against her wishes. She is unaware that Dusk Husky guy for small girl nsa behind it. He takes care of Dusk during the incident with Ns Moon, and keeps his involvement a secret.

Refer to for specifics on him from the show. Applebloom - MLP cannon character, sister to Applejack and one of the 4 cutie mark crusaders. She as yet is unaware that Dusk took over for her temporarily.

Obituaries | Airdrie Echo

The Husky guy for small girl nsa - the Shawl is a partially sentient piece of clothware that Dusk stole off a laundry line in his first days as a pony to hide his wings and through spells and such over the years turned partially reactive and sentient, or the magic embedded in it anyway, and mainly reacts to Nanuet cock Nanuet desire to keep his flank hidden.

For more information on her refer to My Little Pony Wiki website. Glad Giggles - owner of the Ponyville Joke Shop. Her Husky guy for small girl nsa and ranking was made up for the purposes of the fic. Dusk briefly attends a Free pussy Northbrook shows but his turned off by her attitude and the potential trouble she could cause him. He successfully avoids contact with her.

Unnamed Dragon from Chapter 8- MLP cannon character that takes up residence in a mountain lair and cause havoc with his smoke and ash making snoring. For more information refer to the episode the chap is based on.