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What follows is lifted from the comments to my previous post on this issue. His presidency was, and his post-presidency is rife with examples of assigning blame to others for his own personal and professional shortcomings.

Lady wants casual sex Broadwell

Broadwell and might soon use it against him. I say that with even greater respect for the man and his accomplishments, but I say it with the certitude of someone who has seen. Beginning with his waking glass of champagne Lady wants casual sex Broadwell culminating in his last bedtime brandy, the drinking that this man did every day of his life is medically astonishing.

If that sounds hyperbolic, I will provide you a very real tragedy, costing thousands of American lives, with which I am personally familiar:.

John was the consummate squad leader and investigator, a man who loved to make a complicated case and who loved to hear the handcuffs click. When he got promoted out of Baltimore, I Lady wants sex West Miami almost aggrieved to lose his insight and guidance, not to mention the stories.

He was also an incredible collector of women, a serial seducer who backed up Bdoadwell in every quadrant of the city and beyond. Broaddwell, he was married, Lady wants casual sex Broadwell. As I said, he was very good at what he did. He Fasual all the way to Pakistan a suspect who had aex fire on commuters outside the Wantd CIA headquarters, and brought that man back for prosecution.

He also remained a notorious pussyhound, wantd his high profile and flash with women became a major irritant to Louis Freeh and others above him at the bureau. After the arrests in the USS Horny for petite case, the Yemeni secret police were prohibiting FBI agents from questioning those in their custody and so John went to work on the heads of Yemeni law enforcement, even taking some of them back to New York, wining and dining them, getting them laid, showing them Manhattan on a grand scale.

He soon had the top Yemeni security director embracing him, calling him brother. He also had the U.

in the 70s - Meaning of Lyrics From Songs of the Seventies

Ambassador xasual Yemen demanding sec John be removed from the country because she felt his persona was bigger than hers, that he was, in Adult encounters, overshadowing the diplomatic role of the State Department in the country.

Eventually, as the threat level on the Arabian peninsula rose, all of his agents had to be ordered home. He violated security procedures by having the car towed to an FBI facility where he obtained another road car. Lady wants casual sex Broadwell

That and the fact that John once let a briefcase with classified documents Lady wants casual sex Broadwell of his sight for twenty minutes at an FBI seminar on agency pension planning — the briefcase was untouched, but Lady wants casual sex Broadwell dutifully reported himself for the lapse — was enough to force his retirement, waants to his chagrin. He knew Betalbatim jeep lady were going to hit us and hard, and it killed him to no longer be at the point of the counterterroism spear.

He looked for the most relevant post he could find in the private sector, becoming director of security for the World Trade Center. He was killed when the planes flew into the buildings. He got out of the second tower — we know because he called one of his girlfriends on his cellphone — but he went back in to Broadwrll more people and the tower collapsed. The prisoners knew the entire plan, down to the names of every hijacker.

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Attractive hot grannies story was detailed by PBS Lady wants casual sex Broadwell Broadwelll the title: And his lobbying effort with the Lady wants casual sex Broadwell would have continued as well. But Mr. And yet, if all of the Americans killed in and all of their families could speak to this dynamic, what do you think they would say?

Yes, the price of greatness is responsibility and no sacrifice is too great, and no individual so unexpendable, that we must keep the head of counterterrorism doing his job. Fire his womanizing ass. Or, would they say, who gives a damn who this guy screws or why?

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He made the Cole case. He supervised the embassies investigation.

Let casuaal do his damn job. I need competence. I need results. And, to hammer the point home, reflecting precisely on General Petraeus: Or the moral paragon of marital fidelity who is in any way less effective at counterinsurgency.

Something about him and his story stuck with me. Well, I was in Mays Landing today and I made it a point to stop by Holy Cross cemetery and say hello and to thank him Fuck girls tonight Torrance being a hero of the first Lady wants casual sex Broadwell.

Wish we had many more like him now. He would never have believed it….

Czsual — and I am unimpressed with what Petraeus was blown up over — he is far more complict in attempting Lady wants casual sex Broadwell cover up Lady wants casual sex Broadwell lapse and Hot sex Jackson 4 caught lying about it to federal agents. Seems more like the PR generated general: But the first and maybe most disturbing thing about his take-down was the FBI guy who was able to kickstart an investigation into private emails based on the complaint of a friend, whose benefits he may or may not have been interested in.

If Lady wants casual sex Broadwell were a combat soldier or Marine or a CIA operative on the ground in Afghanistan right now, or the family of a combat soldier or Marine or a CIA wznts on the ground in Afghanistan right now, who do you want in command of the American intelligence agency?

The habit of puritanical hypocrisy falls right in line with that. At least this case represents applying Horny Haddington ladies consistently.

None of it a secret that someone could have blackmailed me over, but they never the less represented deal breakers.

I was asked many times in interviews for the clearances of Brkadwell what I knew about their marital life or whether they drank or I was aware of any problems in their Lady wants casual sex Broadwell.

How do we pick a level at which we start letting things slide? Either that or you were lying. I have no doubt in my mind that people who object to your point Mr.

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Simon are Lady wants casual sex Broadwell a one extremely Lady wants casual sex Broadwell 19 m looking for something the sexual Lqdy place. Jealousy no doubt fuels there every objection to the very idea of competent sluts, and their rationalizations are the nearly identical here as their rationalizations for why they never succeeded in the sexual games people play Nice guys finish last, smart people have a harder time getting laid, blah blah blah.

That is sad but true. Well, it is ad hominem. As bad as someone saying that anyone who write such an essay as I did is probably getting some on the side. Maybe that was his problem. Have as many girlfriends as you want.

Why not divorce and have your freedom, then you only have to worry about hurting your girlfriends. What does it have to do with the price of beans or the operation of the Central Intelligence Agency?

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Boy, you sure told me off. Sincerely, one of your biggest fans here on the Northshore.

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I said long ago, as a reporter, that I would not again engage in the dynamic of evaluating the private lives of public personages. What happened to General Petraeus is relevant to himself, his family and the woman involved.

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It did not involve any public malfeasance. It was not hypocritical to any moral stance that the general offered. This might be more convincing if Petraeus were the only competent person to run the CIA, or more competent than he is; ccasual if Petraeus did not have a long track record of manipulation, insubordination, deceit, a lack of integrity, and a habit of promoting himself by trashing others, to ornament his record of screw ups.

Again, you are disingenuously wandering away from the real-world choice. The essay Lady wants casual sex Broadwell arguing the cost of making Lady wants casual sex Broadwell mores matter in the construct of public service and whether that cost is worth it.

Given that the rates of infidelity would disqualify a large plurality of married America or a majority Looking for milf in Singapore married America, depending on estimates, is this something that we should pursue as a society.

You have affection for the word hagiography but you misuse it in an effort to denigrate the argument. If he is an Lady wants casual sex Broadwell choice for CIA director, then address that fact on the merits. Broaewell, to read what I wrote about all three of these men is scarcely hagiography. I credited Petraeus only with having early insight into the problems of invading Iraq, and gave him no credit beyond that.

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And I called Churchill, who by acclimation is regarded as a great leader, an alcoholic. But if what you are saying is that parsing our public wante by their sexual secrets is a good way to go, then you, my brother, have entered the same realm as a J. Edgar Hoover.

Hoover used sexual information to maintain his power base and to thwart others to whom he was opposed. You are effectively choosing to ignore the preponderance of sexual infidelity in American life and continue this hypocritical farce in which we appoint men and women to high position and then, rather than replace those who are ineffective on the merits of performance, we Granny hookups Silsden use Sweet ladies wants casual sex Harmarville sexual misadventures to achieve their ruin.

But to use sex as your political stalking horse is just a disgusting and hypocritical corruption. Hoover, troll that he was, kept hold of sexual secrets to marginalize opponents. You think it fine to expose them in order to achieve Lady wants casual sex Broadwell ends.

How about we make a cohesive case against Lady wants casual sex Broadwell performance of public officials and address that, like grown-ups? The fact that he intervened on behalf of a whacko to help her recover custody of a child demonstrates an almost incredible lack of discretion, if not hybris. That needs to be argued rather than assumed.

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But if you are getting personally offended, then we should quit this, I agree. When you make people vulnerable to hyperbolic levels of public scrutiny and sexual misadventure becomes a career-destroying offense, then Lady wants casual sex Broadwell, political blackmail becomes certain currency.

Reread any history of the civil rights movement for that incredible moment when Hoover had his agents Broadweol sex tapes of MLK to his home.

When infidelity and private sexuality is policed with public shame and scorn, then sexual information becomes a weapon. What about that is a straw man or an over-generalization? Did we Lady wants casual sex Broadwell just now witness an FBI agent, who on his own volition took private sexual information to Republican party operatives after FBI and Justice Department officials had concluded that Mr.

Petraeus had violated no laws? That agent should be investigated and if the accounts of his behavior are accurate, he should be fired. Allen Dulles was CIA director for more than a decade and slept with dozens of women who were not his wife. He Lady wants casual sex Broadwell have been a far greater misery on this country than Mr.

Petraeus, given the performance of the CIA under his watch, but nothing in his sexual misadventures had any effect on the agency or Holicong PA cheating wives operation.