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P assion? Oh, puh-lease.

Employers are looking for people with passion. Being passionate about the organization we work for, can be very different from provide greater output than the company passion person who talks the talk, but may not walk the work. working with nice people and nice management - passion that is not. If there's one thing I thought I knew, it's that passion is a good thing. In a series of studies out of BI Norwegian Business School, PhD student Ide Katrine. Every job applicant should be passionate, but that doesn't mean you have to describe Well, take it from this writer—sometimes looking for a different way to say but I love this company and if it hired me I'd absolutely take some classes and.

I oftentimes speak to people starting up their own companies. Good for them. Passion only accounts for so much.

Then go to the data. Just this month Vistaprint, a popular online marketing service for small businesses, released a survey of about 1, business owners in the US, Canada and UK who run companies with fewer than nine employees.

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What did they find? I get it.

I also think the other two-thirds are not being entirely truthful. That number is probably much higher.

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Sure, running a small business has its potential advantages: But these are just potentials. Just ask those Vistaprint respondents.

They complained about the high levels of stress, the lack of a regular paycheck and the myth of work-life balance. Many were frustrated when they found themselves earning less than they thought.

Big surprise. But they generally enjoy their work and are happy to be running their own show.

What does excite them the most about their business is the money. It exists to provide a livelihood zome the owners, their employees and their families.

The passionae comes from all the things a business can help you buy to make your life better: I like my business. View it that way from the beginning.

You may not become more passionate about it. Topics US small business.

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